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If you've ever wondered why I've vanished into hockey slash and not returned...

"Slash was the only genre of literature I had ever found that followed the characters into bed and back out of it; that investigated and demonstrated how the people they were outside of bed were connected to the people they were in bed; that modeled how to be with someone in everyday life, go to bed with them, and then wake up next to them and continue everyday life with them. In slash, ‘everyday life’ wasn’t differentiated from ‘sex life.’ Who people were outside of bed and during the day critically, obviously, demonstrably influenced how they behaved in bed with each other, and vice versa …. The two parts of life weren’t disjunct; indeed, they were crucially connected, mutually influential, even indivisible. In fact, that indivisibility was often the whole point."

Blogger Shoshanna, quoted in “Sherlock as Cyborg: Bridging Mind and Body,” in Sherlock and Transmedia Fandom, eds. Stein and Busse (McFarland, 2012). (via professorfangirl)


This describes exactly what I love about slash

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This is exactly the kind of thing that I always want to post about fics but that I never have the words for.

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Never thought about it in these words but yes, THIS.

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Yes! Exactly! There’s this bizarre split in mainstream fiction that says EITHER the focus of this story is about romantic and erotic relationships OR it’s about adventure, a complex world, space aliens, politics, dystopian post-apocalyptic yak-farming, etc. WHAT IF I WANT HOT KINKY SMUT, COMPLEX RELATIONSHIPS, DIVERSE CHARACTERS, AN ENGROSSING WORLD, AND SOME BADASS PLOT-WRANGLING!? … Slash …

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